Status update: gPrime 1.0.8-alpha

As of today (Jan 7, 2017) gPrime 1.0.8-alpha (username: demo, password: demo) can display all of the primary genealogy data, and most of the rest. The only parts not visible are the more complex subcomponents of objects. These subcomponents come in two types: Common subparts, and references to other primary objects. Specifically:

Common subparts:

  • Address (Repository, Person)
  • Attribute (Person, EventRef, MediaRef, Event, Citation, Source, Family, Media)
  • LDS (Person, Family)

References to other primary objects:

  • ChildRef (Family)
  • EventRef (Person, Family)
  • MediaRef (Person, Family)
  • PersonRef (Person)
  • PlaceRef (Place)
  • RepoRef (Source)

Each of these 9 subcomponents needs a form, handler, and HTML template. Once those are completed, then gPrime 1.0 will be nearly done. gPrime 1.0 will be a complete way to share your genealogy data, and run reports. You can simply import your GEDCOM or Gramps data, and run on a server.

The next step is to be able to edit 100% of all of the data. This is the goal for gPrime 1.5. Once this step is complete, then gPrime will be a working desktop or webserver solution for managing your genealogical data.

However, gPrime 1.5 won’t be as easy to use as, say, Gramps. Gramps has some convenient methods to enter a bunch of data at once. For example, you can enter a family, parents, and children all at one time. With gPrime 1.5, you’ll have to enter each item separately. The plan is to build a new User Interface for gPrime 2.0 that will function more like a desktop application, but better.


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