Status update: gPrime 1.0.9-alpha

As of today (Jan 11, 2017) gPrime can display all data from the Gramps’ data structures! This is a major milestone. There are still a few known bugs, but after fixing those, gPrime will be ready for its beta release. The goal of gPrime 1.0 is to be a viewer of the complete data in the Gramps genealogical model. The next version’s goals (version 1.5) will be a complete editor. Here is (username: demo, password: demo) editing a note:


I think 1.5 will follow closely on the heels of 1.0, because most everything is already in place for editing, adding, and deleting data.

You can help! At this stage, you could run the demo linked to above, and report back on the following:

  1. Did you see any improper data (the site is hosting Gramps’ example/gramps/example.gramps database)
  2. Did you cause any crashes by just viewing data? There are many things that don’t work with editing data. BTW, you can add some things (like Tags) and you can edit some other things (like Notes).
  3. Do you see how the arrangement of items on the screen could be better?
  4. Did anything seem weird? User unfriendly?

If you like, you can comment here, or you can make an “issue” on gPrime’s issue tracker. If you’d like to discuss a topic, there is also the gPrime Google Group.


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