Somewhat Functional!

gPrime version 1.0.9-alpha2 has been released and the demo updated:  Password: demo, username: demo

Now, you can see 100% of all of the Gramps data model, and edit (without verifications) a good portion of it. You can run all of the reports, and export the data in a variety of formats. Here is the demo with one of the CSS themes (selected under Settings):

  • screenshot-from-2017-01-15-20-46-24

Highlights of this version:

  • GUI editor for notes, saves in Gramps format
  • Can view 100% of Gramps rich schema
    • Can view more than 400 data values
    • Primary and secondary objects in 20 forms
    • 1,400 Python files
    • 291,000 lines of Python code
    • 32 HTML template files
  • Reports can be run and downloaded (PDF format for now)
  • Uses rich gender values
  • Interactive search for selecting parents/spouses on Family view (defaults to gender-specific, but can be toggle to search all, using “+”)
  • Powerful search, and selection language

What’s left to do be a complete system, with adding and editing all data?

  • Implement Undo/Redo
  • Better interface for Report interface
  • Add verification before save, to verify unique values (gid), and proper values
  • Provide better GUI for selecting some values (group as, display as, show as, preformatted)
  • Edit Source on Citation (via interactive search)
  • Edit Place on Event (via interactive search)
  • Add/edit/delete types (name type, origin type, gender type, etc.)
  • Better layout of items on forms
  • A gazillion refinements…

If you have feedback or questions on any aspect of the program, please put them here.


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