Somewhat Functional!

gPrime version 1.0.9-alpha2 has been released and the demo updated:  Password: demo, username: demo

Now, you can see 100% of all of the Gramps data model, and edit (without verifications) a good portion of it. You can run all of the reports, and export the data in a variety of formats. Here is the demo with one of the CSS themes (selected under Settings):

  • screenshot-from-2017-01-15-20-46-24

Highlights of this version:

  • GUI editor for notes, saves in Gramps format
  • Can view 100% of Gramps rich schema
    • Can view more than 400 data values
    • Primary and secondary objects in 20 forms
    • 1,400 Python files
    • 291,000 lines of Python code
    • 32 HTML template files
  • Reports can be run and downloaded (PDF format for now)
  • Uses rich gender values
  • Interactive search for selecting parents/spouses on Family view (defaults to gender-specific, but can be toggle to search all, using “+”)
  • Powerful search, and selection language

What’s left to do be a complete system, with adding and editing all data?

  • Implement Undo/Redo
  • Better interface for Report interface
  • Add verification before save, to verify unique values (gid), and proper values
  • Provide better GUI for selecting some values (group as, display as, show as, preformatted)
  • Edit Source on Citation (via interactive search)
  • Edit Place on Event (via interactive search)
  • Add/edit/delete types (name type, origin type, gender type, etc.)
  • Better layout of items on forms
  • A gazillion refinements…

If you have feedback or questions on any aspect of the program, please put them here.


6 thoughts on “Somewhat Functional!

    1. The name expired. I’m using this project as a prototype for a new version. So, this is what it is and no more work will be done on this version. But the new version is under development. For more info see the mailing list.


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